Johnny Jetpack:

It is a fantastic book!

Great story! Read it to my four year old. He loved every second. He asked me to tell the author the following..."He wrote a good book. I want him to write another good book." Suffice it to say, you brought a smile to his face and that is what a good story should do. We love Johnny Johnson and hope his dream comes true!

I did not like the book, I loved it

nice book

Great story. My four year old liked it, too.

Such a cute story to my 4 & 5 year old boys! Thanks

A Fish with a Wish:

Imagine if Dr. Seuss and Aesop wed, the offspring would be literal gold. He would be Ethan Crownberry. While keeping the reader hanging on through Fish's travails in wish making, lessons in acceptance, generosity and courage are part of the back story. I read this book to 10 special needs kindergarten students-all of whom stayed engrossed and engaged for the entire 18 minutes it takes to read this book aloud. Crownberry's solid grasp of whimsical musings in poetic form are fun to say and roll right off the tongue.

Very sweet book, the rhyme flows well, and the tale is very entertaining yet poignant, illustrating the importance of real values in a subtle way.

Great story, sad with a twist to teach some real values. Just the kind of story to teach our youth about helping others. I already recommended it to others. Thank you for sharing it with us. Sincerely,Jason, Thane,& Braxton

A seemingly simple yet, an amazingly touching story conveying a deeper meaning about life & selflessness.

Wow. I could barely read this story to my little girl for the tears running down my face. Beautiful and yet clever and whimsical, at the same time.

I truly enjoyed your story. I am looking forward to reading it to my grandchildren tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. This book I excellent for all ages.

This is a great story. I downloaded it for my daughter but found myself eager to get to the next page.

This book is great ,loved it thank you for letting little kids enjoy you book. GOD BLESS YOU! XOXOXO

superb book.i enjoyed so much reading it .thanks for uploading this book.

This simple book teaches a rare value nowadays: selflessness. The author is brilliant.

Downloaded this on my Kindle Fire for my daughter. She was a little mad because I made her read instead of watching tv. She loved the story!

The Willies:

A really great story about how our imagination creates fear! I look forward to reading this to my children when they are a little older.

this is good book for people that think monsters are real

I love the atmospheric illustrations and the clever rhymes in this book about a boy who sees monsters in the dark. A great story for older children who might be a bit afraid of the dark themselves - or who just like being scared!

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